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Review & Preview | 2023 | 2024

„Driving a car is not a hard thing to do. Old people can drive when they are blind and unable to move any part of their body apart from their eyes. Which barely work anyway. People in remote jungle villages can drive. Stupid people can drive. Everyone can drive.“

„Over the years, I have driven at vast speeds with special television floodlights on the bonnet. I assume that I must have driven over the limit (on private roads, obviously), and I know I've driven while consumed with grief, rage, guilt and all the other emotions in between. And I've always arrived at my destination without a scratch.“

„By the time you read this, it's possible I'll have demonstrated on the television that it's possible to drive while sewing a button onto a shirt. James, hopefully, will have shown you can drive while cocooned in a sleeping bag.“ © Jeremy Clarkson / Top Gear vs The Grand Tour

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